Sunday, October 19, 2014

Step-by-step how to plant onions

Step-by-step how to plant onions as well as onions and garlic to go through the following steps: determining the time of planting, selecting good seeds, tillage, plant engineering and plant maintenance.
Incidentally on the home page there is an empty space existing potting soil gemburnya, thank God planted directly grab onions, and sprinkled a little water-wedges, because plants need sufficient water onions.

Bismillah, good luck yes, hopefully flourish at home
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Hopefully in the future be able to write a continuation of this story onion plants with an exciting story, which is growing with lush, aamiiin.
Determining the time of planting

Onions should be planted in the dry season, but it should be coupled with good irrigation. The best time to plant onions are at the end of the rainy season, or during the early dry season. If planting onions at a time when it rains the plants agen bola will be susceptible to disease.

Selection of good seed

Onion cultivation in Indonesia could be said still relatively little is cultivated, compared to onion and garlic. Onions can be propagated by either using the bulbs and seeds. But in Indonesia, planting the bulbs more expensive hrganya done though. Sedanggkan when planting the seed price will be cheaper. But to get onion seed is quite difficult, because they have to get them imported from abroad, because it is difficult to plant onions flowering and seed in the tropical climate.

If you want to try to get the seeds itself seeds, onions should be planted to produce flowers and seeds to form, the temperature needed for flowering plants is 5-10 ° Agen Judi Domino 99 Online C. and store for 4 weeks. Further planting the bulbs in a cool.
Kalu had mendapay good seed, the seeds spread on land that is already prepared.